Aluminium Export Import Ltd.
More than 30 years of business experience

The Aluminium Export Import d.o.o. company was founded in 1990, after fourteen years of working as a craftsman primarily in textile industry. During the nineties, the firm is in the aluminim products trade. All the experinece in dealing with aluminim products, we converted into the projecting nad constructing 1000 m2 sized production facilities in the total area of over 10000 m2 in the Business Zone Podi. Having opened the production facilities, the Badis company turnd over a new leaf in its history.

The production facilities are entirely suited to modern business demands and equipped with superior aluminum and stretch foil produciton finalization machines. The easy access for transport vehicles, the nearness of the highway, the spacious warehouse space and large production capacities enable us to deliver the settled amount of products as soon as possible.

Production possibilities

With our production finalization lines, we are able to make aluminum foil for household nad catering industry, stretch cling films of various lengths and widths, and stretch foil program for large business subjects (product wrapping in construction business, trade etc.) Along with the standardized products in our supply, we are able to create products in dimensions according to your needs: aluminum foil 280-440 mm wide and 1000 m long, and stretch foil 290-450 mm wide, and 1500 m long. For all information about possible product dimensions, we are at your disposal.

Slitting and rewinding machine

Slitting and rewinding machine allows us to cut reels longitudinaly from wide to narrow coils according to your specific requirements. When rewinding to the narrow coils the machine simultaneously cuts the foil longitudinally to the specific dimensions.

Foil thickness of 8-100 µm (0.008 to 0.1 mm) can be cut to the width 15-1000 mm, and the length according to your specific needs.

These reels are best suited for the technical purposes.

Produciton capacities

The production lines allow us to monthly produce more than 400000 product units for household, 40000 product units for catering industry, and 80 t of stretch foil for industrial needs. The production capacities, the storage possibilities and the easy access for transport vehicles enable us to place on the market products of our client's trade mark, as well as of Aluminium Export Import d.o.o. trade mark.

Production program

Aluminium Export Import d.o.o. Industrijska zona Podi, Dolačka 4, 22 000 Šibenik; tel.: +385 22 33 76 56, fax: +385 22 33 76 59, E-mail:
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